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Working to find you the largest income tax refund!

What do you get when you choose SKILL-Tax to prepare your income tax return?

  • In-Depth Tax Interview –to identify your sources of income, applicable adjustments, deductions and credits, tax rebates- to ensure that you get the largest refund you are entitled to or the lowest tax liability possible, GUARANTEED!
  • Confidential Environment – no cubicles, your business is conducted in the privacy of an office.
  • Accuracy Guarantee – gives you peace of mind that your return is correct.
  • Free ‘Dependent Student’ Returns – for a student claimed as dependent on your tax return that also needs to file their own tax return.
  • Free e Filing.
  • No Waiting Preparation.

At your option:

  • Free review of tax returns prepared by another tax preparation company.
  • Amended Returns – for a fee, if it helps you to claim a larger refund or lower tax liability.



If you (taxpayer) owe additional income tax and are assessed interest and penalty because of an error in the way that we (SKILL-Tax) prepared your return, you pay the additional tax only. We will pay the interest and penalty.

This policy is valid when all facts and circumstances were presented, in a forthright manner, at the time of preparation. Any omission of facts, material misstatement, or fraudulent statements, will cause this policy to be null and void. The interest and penalty that we will pay is limited to the amounts calculated on the original deficiency notification letter mailed to you by the taxing agency.


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