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If doing your company payroll take too much of your time,

Now There Is A Payroll Solution For You!

If you are like most small business owners you, obviously, started your business with three goals in mind:

  1. to provide products and services that people would buy,
  2. to make money and grow business,
  3. to keep as much of your money as you can.

When you needed to hire employees that was great, because it meant your business had grown.  Then you discovered a problem.

Payroll Activities Involves A Lot More Than Just Writing A Paycheck!

You soon learned that there were employer taxes that you had to pay.  And you had to set money aside and make payments to the IRS and state taxing agencies.  In addition, you have to keep a bunch of records and file a bunch of reports throughout the year as well.

If that isn’t enough, you may have learned the hard way that all of those reports and payments are required to be filed on a periodic basis, or ELSE (you are assessed penalties & interest charges if not submitted timely)!  On top of all of that, you find yourself spending more time trying to keep up with payroll records while having less and less time to grow your business.  This is a big problem!

Before you decide that Payroll Solutions by SKILL-Tax is right for you please take a moment to answer these four questions:

  •  Is doing my own payroll taking time away from running my business?
  • Am I spending too much money on costly payroll service bureau/chains?
  • Have I had to pay penalties because of payroll tax errors or missed deadlines?
  • Would you like to have a more attentive and personable customer service experience?

If you answered yes to any of the above keep reading then call Payroll Solutions right away at 402 453-1755.

Together we will design custom Payroll Solutions that best fits your needs.  Finally, you will get a full-service payroll experience at cost-effective rates.

 Check all the value you get: 

  •                                     Paychecks Processing
  •                                     Free Direct Deposit, or
  •                                     Print paychecks on your computer
  •                                     Employee Online Paystub Access
  •                                     Payments for 1099 Contractors
  •                                     Reporting -monthly & quarterly taxes
  •                                     Year-End Processing and reporting
  •                                     New Hire Reporting
  •                                     My No Risk Double-Guarantee Against IRS Penalties & Interest

 Now you can see how it feels to save time and money.  When you decide to choose Payroll Solutions by SKILL-Tax, you can: Stop wasting time filling out payroll reports; Stop wasting time trying to stay up to date on tax regulations; Stop wasting time on duties that are not generating profits.  You can now begin to spend more and more of your time on moneymaking activities!  Paying penalties to the IRS will be behind you.

 Let’s begin by arranging a time to discuss how Payroll Solutions by SKILL-Tax, can help you get rid of the pains of payroll duties.

 Clearly, as you now see, there is a lot more to payroll than just writing a paycheck.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your payroll requirements, call me at 402 453-1755 today while it is fresh in your mind.